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Dec 08, 2020

FoodBev: More than the sum of its parts, Creating sustainable supply chains

 FoodBev Media for featuring Crisp CEO and Founder Are Traasdahl in this article on creating sustainable supply chains. "The Covid-19 pandemic shocked the food supply chain out of evolutionary progression into revolutionary transformation nearly overnight...Supply chains such as the food and beverage industry that spent decades optimising for efficiency and cost in a world of consistent sell-through made fast-as possible pivots to support unprecedented surges in demand, dramatic channel shifting, and significant changes in purchase and consumption patterns - compressing ten-year digital transformation plans into less than ten months...The responsiveness and adaptability of the food supply chain in the face of this swift and profound upheaval has been remarkable. But navigating this black swan event illuminated the complex, multi-layered nature of the modern food and beverage supply chain and how the status quo of incomplete, disconnected and siloed information and processes impede agility, resilience and shopper satisfaction.” Click here to read the full article.