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Apr 07, 2020

Supermarket Perimeter: Loss Prevention, Putting Food in Stomachs, Not Landfills

Are Traasdahl, co-founder and CEO of Miami-based Crisp Technologies, said that a root cause of the food waste problem is slow-moving, inaccurate data in an industry that has a particularly complex supply chain — one affected by weather, pricing, production, logistics and consumer shifts.

“A lot of the loss throughout the food chain can be attributed to a supply chain theory known as the ‘bullwhip effect,’” Traasdahl said. “The bullwhip effect theorizes that if information is not accurate or up to date when it’s sent through a supply chain, then a change of plus or minus 5% in actual consumer demand can result in companies further back in the chain thinking it’s plus or minus 40%.”  Read the full article in Supermarket Perimeter here