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Business insights are a beautiful thing.

Give your data routine a well-deserved makeover.

We know a great product is just the first step to a great retail business — and once that product ships to stores, it’s hard to know what happens next. Crisp offers insights to help your busy team keep sales growing and everything else on track.

Gathering vendor data has never felt this good.

Crisp automatically pulls together all of your latest retail, distributor, and syndicated data in one place — saving health & beauty brands an average 16 hours per week. View up to two years of data in Crisp’s easy-to-use dashboards or piped automatically into Excel, Tableau, or your BI tool of choice.

Never miss an opportunity to expand.

Easily view sales trends, find velocity hotspots, and identify opportunities to gain distribution with Crisp’s easy-to-use, interactive dashboards. Quickly drill down by product, banner, or location and export charts and store lists to follow up with brokers and wow retail buyers. 

Keep every store thriving.


Void Alerts

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Trade Spend




At-Risk Stores

Crisp uses advanced analytics and machine learning to find those hard-to-see insights that make all the difference in retail. Easily detect voids, manage chargebacks, evaluate trade spend, track inventory, and find at-risk store locations. With Crisp, you’ll never miss a beat on need-to-know events across your retail channels.

Get Data Ready today.

At Crisp, we allow health & beauty brands and retailers to stay ahead of the game. Whether it’s rapidly-evolving consumer behavior, identifying potential supply chain disruptions, or tracking inventory and product performance – we have everything you need to get you Data Ready.

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