Modern data sharing is good for business.

When retailers share better data with suppliers, everybody wins.

From supply chain to merchandising, retailers need to coordinate closely with suppliers to keep business running smoothly. Crisp’s modern data sharing platform enables seamless collaboration to help retailers streamline operations and grow new revenue streams.

Improved service levels and reduced out-of-stocks.

More precise, effective promotions and marketing campaigns.

Better inventory management and reduced waste.

New revenue streams through supplier data sharing.

Make data your new best seller.

No need to rip and replace: Crisp augments your existing data offering while providing ease of use that drives higher adoption and increased value for brands. And as a retailer, you control what data to share.

Data flows automatically into any system.​

Crisp automatically ingests and normalizes data across retailers, then makes it accessible anywhere – from interactive dashboards to BI and analytics software to cloud data warehouses. This means that CPGs get insights that are convenient, reliable, and always up to date.

UNFI and Crisp:
The foods people love, now data-ready

UNFI endorsed Crisp as its exclusive data partner to provide suppliers with real-time sales and inventory insights across its natural and conventional channels. This drives transparency to reduce costs, increase supply chain efficiency, and grow revenue for both UNFI and its brand partners.

  • We have already seen tremendous positive feedback from our natural brands now using Crisp and appreciate the benefits that real-time data and business insights can bring to our thousands of conventional food brands.
    Chris Testa
    Chris Testa

    President, Unfi

  • Crisp is one of the first things I open up on the computer each morning. It’s our mission control.
    Bruce Weyman
    Bruce Weyman

    Sales Director, Split Nutrition

  • With Crisp, we have 
the data access of a much larger company.
    James Fayal
    James Fayal

    CEO, Zest Tea

  • Once you’re on Crisp, there’s no way you want to leave it. It’s lifeblood at this point for a business.
    Steve Hanley
    Steve Hanley

    CEO, RX Sugar

Get Data Ready today.

At Crisp, we allow food brands and retailers to stay ahead of the game. Whether it’s rapidly-evolving consumer behavior, identifying potential supply chain disruptions, or tracking inventory and product performance – we have everything you need to get Data Ready.

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