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Crisp for Retailers
We’re taking
“out-of-stock” out of the equation.

Crisp for Retailers

We’re taking
“out-of-stock” out of the equation.

When retailers supply better data to suppliers, everybody wins.

The Crisp Solution: Supplier Portal

Create a customized portal for seamless collaboration of insights and analytics between vendors and suppliers. Retailers need to be closely coordinated with their suppliers to ensure that business runs smoothly. They need to communicate about sales activities, inventory levels, promotions, pricing and discounting, category performance, and more.

• Fewer out of stock situations
• Better insight into future demand
• More lead time for ordering & production
• Better information to plan, trade and spend investments

Real-time campaign monitoring & adjustments

The Crisp Solution: Campaign Management

Connect your marketing campaigns to your sales data for each store and each product so you can monitor performance and make adjustments in real-time. Pull out customer segments to upload to your digital media partners like Facebook, Google, Snapchat and any “programmatic” partner. Connect all trade spend data to analyze your own media plans for traditional media to see the impact on sales.

Tastes change, so can you

The Crisp Solution: Product Switching

From pricing to promotions or new product entries, customers may be willing to try new products. The Crisp Product Switching module is a statistical model to identify switching behavior between products and categories.
The dataset allows users to understand how consumers switch between substitutes over time. When new products are launched, understand not only which consumers start buying a new product, but what products they stopped buying at the same time.

Stay on top of customer behavior and purchasing decisions

The Crisp Solution: Customer Segmentation

Understand which customers are connecting with which products, when and why, over time. Drill down for easy visualization of supplier share of wallet including spend per day, per year, frequency and number of stores visited.

Identify product loyalists and product switchers to cultivate loyalty and identify opportunities. Switching can be tied to what drives a customer to switch, including out-of-stock, price or promotion. Drive actions to win more customers by targeting consumers likely to switch, and win back lost customers with specific offers.

No more performance anxiety

The Crisp Solution: Category Management

Understand how each of your categories and products are performing, over time, to help you make the key decisions about your business. Easily visualize category development over time, competing products within a category, share of category, product and category product sales per store location.

Combine this data with trend information from syndicated data sources or external demographic sources to take your insight to the next level. Drive action to increase sales with targeted category strategy tailored to your needs.

See what’s in store for you

The Crisp Solution: Real-Time Shelf Availability

For retailers, poor inventory visibility often leads to stockouts. But for many stores, the only way to keep track of which products might be running low on stock is to walk through the aisles and count. This is expensive and slow, often resulting in out-of-stock situations. The retailer risks losing sales and damaging customer loyalty.
This service continuously monitors the sales of all products in all stores and detects unusually low (or high) sales volume that indicates a likely stock out. It will help users to:

• Identify likely out of stock incidents, including where and when they occurred
• Calculate the financial impact of out of stock instances: lost sales by product, by category, by store, etc.