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BI tools or cloud-based software.


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Modern data sharing is
good for business.

From service levels to promotions to category management, retailers need to coordinate closely with suppliers to keep business running smoothly.

When retailers share better data with suppliers, everybody wins.

Crisp provides retailers with a modern data sharing platform for seamless collaboration with suppliers to streamline operations and skyrocket profitability.

  • Improved service levels and reduced out-of-stocks.

  • More precise, effective promotions and marketing campaigns.

  • Better inventory management and reduced waste.

  • New revenue streams through supplier data sharing.

Customize your data platform and build a profit center.

Crisp will build a solution that works for your retail business, whether that’s enhancing your existing vendor portal or building a world-class data-sharing portal from the ground up. You can choose what information you want to share with suppliers and create a new revenue stream through your data offering.

  • Enable your current portal

    Easily integrate outbound connectors exporting to the BI tool of your choice.

  • Build a modern Portal

    We can create a World-Class supplier portal from scratch to modernize your supply chain.

Outbound Connectors pipe data to the destination of choice.

Crisp’s Outbound Connectors automatically pipe your latest data sets into a usable format into your suppliers’ tools of choice, from BI and analytics software to cloud data warehouses. This means that analysts can spend less time downloading reports and more time on meaningful insights, and everyone from accounting to operations gets the information they need where they need it.

Case Study: REMA 1000

Crisp built Rema 1000 a next generation vendor portal.

Leading Scandinavian retailer REMA 1000 turned to Crisp to build a world-class data sharing collaboration platform, REMA Connect. With this solution, REMA shares up-to-date sales and supply chain data with top suppliers, driving transparency to reduce costs, increase supply chain efficiency, and grow revenue for both REMA and its brand partners.

Rema 1000 is seeing meaningful results:

  • New revenue stream created through supplier data offering
  • Better collaboration between REMA and suppliers on product launches, service levels, category analysis, and inventory management
  • Faster, more data-driven decisions within the company
  • Time savings with Crisp’s easy-to-use platform

Crisp’s platform makes it easy for our team to collaborate with suppliers in real time, helping us better serve our customers and grow revenue while also enabling suppliers to succeed.

Cecilie Jarlsbo,
Head of Data & Insights Commercialization, REMA 1000

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