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Amazon S3 Data Integration

Consolidate Supplier Portal Data in Amazon S3 Automatically

Automate your data ingestion with up-to-date retailer and distributor tables available directly in your Amazon S3 bucket. Eliminate manual CSV file downloads and reloads from your partner portals and consolidate your external and internal data sets for more robust analytics.

All your data, fully automated

No need for manual CSV file downloads/uploads

Data consolidation and normalization

Live data feed of continuously updated information from Crisp’s comprehensive, secure online data warehouse

Automatically updates your files when new data is available

Crisp Tools and Features

Get more from your data with these handy features:

  • Automatic reports

    Crisp automatically ingests new supplier portal reports when they’re available, saving you valuable time

  • Seamless integration

    Compatible data feed with your business process

Consolidate all your data sources

Crisp aggregates data from retailer and distributor portals such as:

How to setup a Amazon S3 outbound connector with Crisp

Crisp’s Amazon S3 integration is simple and secure

  • Add Connector

    Once you’ve purchased Crisp, add the Amazon S3 connector inside the Crisp platform and provide AWS cloud region for your bucket

  • Provide Access Key

    Enter AWS Access Key ID and AWS Access Key

  • Select export format and data

    Choose output format and reports you want to export

  • Enjoy your data

    Crisp will verify the connection and load your data

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