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Excel via OData

Get data into Excel

Our example dashboard uses data that is imported into Excel via an OData data feed to connect to Crisp. 

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To create the dashboard, we begin by creating a data connection. Then, we use that data connection to import data into Excel. Next, we create the reports and the filter that we want to use. After that, we publish the workbook to SharePoint Server 2013.

Get data into Excel: Our example dashboard uses data that is imported into Excel via an OData data feed to connect to Crisp. 

To import data into Excel by using an OData data feed

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Choose Blank workbook to create a workbook.
  3. On the Data tab, choose Get External Data group, choose From Other Sources, and then choose From OData Data Feed.
    The Data Connection Wizard opens.
  4. On the Connect to Database Server page, in the Location of the data feed box, specify the website address (URL) for the data feed
    1. In the Log on credentials section, take one of the following steps:
      1. Choose Use the sign-in information for the person opening this file, and then choose the Next button.
      2. Choose Use this name and password, specify an appropriate user name and password, and then choose the Next button.
    1. On the Select Tables page, choose the CompanySales table and the TerritorySalesDrilldown table. Then choose the Next button.
    2. On the Save Data Connection File and Finish page, choose the Finish button.
    3. On the Import Data page, take the following steps:
      1. Select the Table option.
      2. Make sure the Add this data to the Data Model option is selected.
    4. Choose the OK button.
      Sheet2 and Sheet3 that contain data are added to the workbook.
    5. Keep Excel open.