OData RESTful API Integration


Stream retail data directly into your preferred tools. Crisp’s OData outbound connector enables developers to securely access Crisp data in various applications/systems, including Excel, Power BI, Tableau, and beyond.

Build an OData Feed for all your portal reports

  • Enable access to our data feed of continuously updated information in JSON format through a robust RESTful API
  • Securely pipe Crisp data in your core applications/systems, including Excel, Power BI, Tableau, and more
  • Count on a standardized ISO/IEC 20922 protocol that is continually maintained and advanced by the OASIS OData Technical Committee

Crisp Tools and Features

Get more from your data with these handy features:

Automatic reports

Crisp automatically ingests new supplier portal reports when they’re available, saving you valuable time

Seamless integration

Compatible data feed with your business process

Consolidate all your data sources

Crisp also aggregates data from retailer and distributor portals such as:

How to setup an OData outbound connector with Crisp

Crisp’s OData integration is simple and secure

  1. Add Connector

    Once you’ve purchased Crisp, add an outbound connector inside the Crisp platform

  2. Generate OData Feed

    The Crisp platform will provide you with the OData feed information

  3. Create connection in Excel

    Configure the reports you want to connect with Crisp’s OData feed

  4. Enjoy your data

    Crisp will export historical data and automate future reports

Case Studies

  • Brew Dr. Kombucha

    Brew Dr. Kombucha tapped into real-time distribution insights with Crisp, strengthening its supplier partnership and accelerating market success.

  • Nestlé USA

    Explore how Nestlé USA transformed UNFI data management, navigated complex distribution, and boosted its $300M business segment with actionable insights from Crisp.

  • poppi

    Can digital ads drive brick-and-mortar sales? Poppi’s partnership with Tinuiti and Crisp reveals an 80% boost in areas targeted by TikTok campaigns.

  • MUSH

    Crisp revolutionized MUSH’s operations with real-time data insights, ensuring they rise and shine as breakfast champions in the retail aisle.

  • Ritual

    With retail data delivered automatically through Snowflake, Crisp helped Ritual unlock omnichannel success while avoiding the cost and workload of managing data pipelines internally.

  • ZURU

    From Monday Haircare to their viral Mini Brands™, ZURU group is ready to launch any product thanks to Crisp’s data-ready platform.