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Integrating EDI with your WMS or 3PL provider

When your customer (for instance, a retailer) generates an 850 Purchase Order, you know that information needs to get into your WMS in the form of a 940 Shipping Order.

This isn’t news.

What might be new to you is how easy and economical this can be if it is facilitated through Crisp integration.

You – or even some EDI service providers - may treat each new customer 850→to→WMS 940 as a unique setup. On the surface, that seems to make sense.

Each retailer has their own 850 layouts and required information. That gets transmitted to your WMS (in their 940 format), and the combination is unique. Picture a record layout that includes only the information required for a given retailer … another record layout for the next … a third …and so on.

If the chart below shows the pricing structure of your current EDI provider, their pricing isn't reasonable or justifiable. The result for you as a customer is nothing more than increased costs for every new set-up. In this model, if you have ten customers to set up, you could pay ten set-up charges.

The chart above shows a solution where the most notable attribute is a high cost to you.

Crisp has a better solution.

Using Crisp integration services, you save money by only paying for a single set-up.
With Crisp integration, only one set-up incorporates all your customers – present and future. We create a huge record layout that houses all the data fields required by your entire customer base. The information is then extracted as needed to create the custom 940s required by your 3PL.

You don’t pay for customer sets-ups with Crisp Flat Rate service plans.
We don’t charge customers over and over again for trading partner setups. We’re already connected to 650+ retailers and manufacturers in North America, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. All customer setups are included in our flat-rate plans.

Using Crisp integration services, there is no burden on your system to maintain extraneous data.
You don’t have to maintain a massive internal database for all data fields required by each customer’s unique 850 layouts. Crisp receives all the purchase orders, stores all the data then outputs exactly what your 3PL requires for their 940.

At Crisp, we pride ourselves on our transparency. We build long-term relationships with our customers, and honesty is the only foundation that works. Some things are complex and time-consuming and thus expensive to execute. Connecting your customer purchase orders to your WMS is not one of those things. That said, the ease of execution is predicated on Crisp significant infrastructure and wealth of EDI technology experience.our business's needs.

Crisp integration is a simple, straightforward, cost-effective solution to converting your customer 850 to your WMS 940. Talk to our Sales Director, Lee Mrkonjic to find out how integration can benefit your business.
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