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With Crisp, Grandy Organics sales have never been heartier.

Crisp allows Grandy Organics to gain grander sales with up-to-date retail data.


An organic brand with unsustainable data

Grandy Organics makes small-batch organic granolas, trail mix, and roasted nuts out of a solar-powered former schoolhouse in Maine. Sound idyllic? It is. Founded in 1979 around a campfire by friends who believed that “the purest pleasures are found off the beaten path,” Grandy Organics has been running a food business its own way ever since.

Growth at Grandy Organics has been, well, organic. That’s intentional. The team has incrementally found ways to improve and stay true to their values, like fair-trade sourcing and using all certified organic ingredients. But don’t be fooled: these sustainability minded Mainers are also data savvy. The only problem was, that meant manually downloading reports from retailers and distributors and importing them into PowerBI on a daily basis. Now that isn’t very sustainable.


Data that’s instant and accessible to all

Now that they have Crisp, the Grandy Organics team can instantly access the latest data from UNFI, Whole Foods, and other retailers. Complementing their SPINS data that runs on a 30-day delay, head of sales Kyle Gaither says that “With Crisp, we can look at our data every day—at any moment.” Saying goodbye to the static reports they used to download, Grandy Organics can now use Crisp’s interactive dashboards to drill down and uncover more meaningful insights. Using the velocity dashboard, Kyle finds success stories, like strong sales performance for a particular product in the mid-Atlantic. With this information, he can point to a region and retailer with similar demographics and make a case for distribution there. If something didn’t go well (for instance, the long-term results of a particular promotion fell flat), Kyle can follow up with buyers or brokers to refine the implementation for next time.

Kyle can also customize data in Crisp for maximum insights. Using the Master Data Manager, he can rename and group products displayed in vendor portal data and see how sales are trending across bulk products vs. packaged. This has revealed interesting insights: during the pandemic, popularity of bulk items has caught on in unexpected areas like the midwest and Florida. Kyle reflects that “Crisp makes data very quick, insights easy to digest, and problem solving simple. Typically you would need a data analyst to do all that.” 

Appetizing Results:

• Told compelling sell-stories for new regions and retailers

• Capitalized on broader trends in their product category

• Evaluated and refined promotions

• Saved hours per day while finding higher quality insights

Favorite Tool:

Master Data Manager

Easily rename and categorize product data for more meaningful company insights.

“Crisp makes data very quick, insights easy to digest, and problem solving simple. Typically you would need a data analyst to do all that.”

Kyle Gaither
Director of Sales

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