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Clean, Crisp data drives sales at Rebel Green.

The Rebel Green team uses Crisp insights to drive sustainable sales for their eco-friendly cleaning products.


Pandemic sales spike and crash

Rebel Green is leading the green cleaning revolution with a line of certified organic, non-toxic soaps, cleaning products, and bamboo paper goods. The brand grew steadily to 4,500 stores since its 2008 founding, but when the pandemic hit, demand for their cleaning products and bamboo toilet paper skyrocketed. During this unprecedented moment, National Sales Director Chip Albers and his team worked in overdrive to keep shelves stocked and meet buyer demand. But when the scramble for inventory subsided, Chip’s team was faced with what they called a “COVID hangover.” He had to put his traditional sales hat back on and figure out a way to drive more sustainable growth for the company. 

Chip’s first step was to dig into the data, but that was easier said than done. As he reflects, “You can have all the data in the world…but it’s what you do with it that’s most important.” To get truly meaningful insights, Chip was poring through vendor reports across distributors and retailers, consolidating them, cutting them by SKU, and trying to analyze them over months and years. It was incredibly time consuming and skill-intensive. Chip thought there had to be a better way …and that’s when he found Crisp.


Healthy sales start with spotless data

With Crisp, Chip now has all retail data just the way he needs it. To follow up on past sales, he first asks, “what are the top accounts that purchased toilet paper this year?” Then, Chip goes through recent shipments or on-hand inventory to see when each account last ordered and make sure they’re restocked. This turns buyers who may have purchased from Rebel Green out of necessity into a long-term sales opportunity. “That would have taken forever without Crisp,” Chip reflects. To save even more time, Chip saves pre-filtered reports so he can come back to the same retailer or product-specific metrics whenever he needs them.

Chip’s team also uses Crisp to find new opportunities for growth. At one retailer, for instance, he can see that out of 10 stores, one of Rebel Green’s core products is only in four, but it’s performing well. Using Crisp, he can share this data with buyers to expand into the other six locations. Using Crisp’s Sales by State heat map, Chip drills down to find that a particular SKU is selling well in a certain area. He can then point to another area with a similar demographic, and reach out to his broker to pursue those opportunities.

Squeaky clean results:

• Turned short-term buyers into long-term retail partners 

• Identified opportunities to expand distribution and shelf space

• Saved hours of sales time each week

• Drove internal collaboration and strategic planning

Favorite Insights:

Sales by State:

Heat maps show product distribution and performance across geographies.

“You can have all the data in the world, but it’s what you do with it that’s most important.”

Chip Albers
National Sales Director

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