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Case Study

Greenleaf Foods stays lean and green with Crisp

With Crisp, Greenleaf reduced losses on costly issues like chargebacks and voids, as well as wasted time extracting reports from distributor portals.


Time spent pulling reports instead of developing sales
Greenleaf Foods is a pioneer in plant-based protein. Their portfolio brands, Lightlife and Field Roast, have been in the market for decades offering popular plant-based hot dogs, tempeh, sausages, deli slices, and more. With a true dedication to sustainability, Greenleaf is also one of the largest carbon neutral CPG companies. 

Greenleaf’s sales team is data savvy, a must to manage their company’s huge distribution — but they struggled with the 10 hours per week it took to pull reports from distributor portals. When Adam Moleta joined as Greenleaf’s new Key Account Manager for UNFI and KeHE, he knew that addressing this issue was part of building a stronger relationship with distributors. He was committed to building a holistic view of supply chain ins and outs, including spotting new sales opportunities and improving efficiency.


Cost savings and revenue growth with Crisp
Adam leverages data to understand all facets of the business, but his early focus was on recovering potential losses. As Adam explained, “We need to eliminate losses before I even think about new opportunities.” Otherwise, he notes, you’ll be giving up big pieces of any new business. But it’s not easy to do. “Customers let you know when you’ve lost them – spoilage doesn’t.” Using Crisp, Adam is able to drill down on costly issues like chargebacks, voids, and trade spend, so that he can address them quickly. Since reducing waste is an important part of Greenleaf’s sustainability plan, Crisp also helped Adam set up a spoilage tracker.

Of course, a better handle on inventory ultimately helps grow top-line revenue as well. As Adam describes, “In the natural channel, finding opportunity gaps are a big part of how you stay relevant and stay on shelf. When you work with natural independent customers, that is where this data is so influential.” With Crisp, Adam can easily access the details and find specific customers that might need a re-order — which adds up to big wins.

Delcious Results

• 10 hours per week saved from pulling reports

• Deductions avoided

• New sales opportunities realized

• Reduced spoilage to stay carbon neutral

Favorite Insights:

Current weeks of Supply:

Tracks distributor inventory and purchase orders to identify overstocks

“Working with Crisp, we are able to use data to manage the business more smoothly and it saves us a significant amount of time.”

Adam Moleta
Key Account Manager for the Natural Channel

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