Crisp Acquires Both Lumidata and SetSight to Unify Retail Data, Enabling CPG Brand Growth with Target. Full announcement here.

Media Solutions

Run your next campaign with shelf-level precision

Crisp ingests, normalizes, and exports a brand’s SKU- and store-level sales and inventory reports from 40+ CPG retailers, helping advertisers leverage timely retail data to make every media dollar count.


Media Analysis

Evaluate media dollars against product distribution, on-shelf availability, and daily sales trends to determine where you can get the greatest return on ad spend.

  • Increase media efficiency – Geographical heat maps overlay advertising spend with store-level sales and product availability, making it easy to evaluate media efficiency
  • Optimize campaign planning – Equip internal teams and agency partners with reports that guide media buying strategies at the individual store- and SKU-level. Quickly modify spend to adjust for recalls or other supply chain challenges.  
  • Reallocate media dollars – Direct campaign budgets toward specific locations where product is available and on-shelf to drive ROAS.

Shelf Smart Marketing

With Crisp, media buyers can activate campaigns and allocate spend based on what’s selling and what’s in stock — every day, at every store.

Crisp feeds daily store-level data directly into media buying platforms, creating geo-coded segments based on on-shelf product ability. These segments can overlay directly on top of your current targeting segments to ensure no media dollar is wasted.


More ways to use shelf-level data

Here are just a few ways CPG teams can use Crisp data to revolutionize retail marketing:

  • Drive store-level sales: Heavy-up on lower performing stores to help brands drive sales and strengthen partnerships with retailers.
  • Product launches and seasonal campaigns: Know exactly when a new product hits the shelves in every store to orchestrate campaigns across markets and media channels.
  • Measure ROAS: View daily store-level sales data to measure lift where media dollars are spent.
  • Improve media planning: Measure historical campaign performance with up to two years of look-back data to use as a baseline for campaign planning and evaluation.

“Inventory data at the store level from Crisp can help marketers on The Trade Desk platform recalibrate and optimize advertising campaigns with the goal of driving real business results that translate into sales.”

Ben Sylvan
GM, Retail Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk

Let the data flow.

Crisp automatically ingests, aggregates, and analyzes data from 40+ retailers and distributors, giving marketers timely insights to make every media dollar count.

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