October 30, 2023
Are Traasdahl

Crisp + Atlas + Advantage: More industry-leading insights for CPG brands

Crisp has acquired Atlas Technology Group and will also serve as the preferred retail data technology platform for Advantage Solutions’ 4,000+ CPG clients.

A commitment to best-in-class insights

At Crisp, we believe that the world’s greatest brands deserve the best data and insights. After all, it’s only with visibility into sales and inventory at every store that CPGs can create our next favorite product, keep shelves stocked, and reduce waste. That’s why Crisp has spent the past five years building a best-in-class commerce platform that seamlessly ingests data from 30+ retailers and distributors, spanning $2T in sales and 250,000 doors. We’ve also made that data actionable for more than 600 brands — easily accessible in any BI tool, warehouse, or dashboard that CPG teams rely on.

As a leading analytics provider to many of the world’s largest retailers, Atlas Technology Group has also focused on bringing best-in-class insights to the retail industry. For over 20 years, Atlas has led with deep industry expertise, strong partnerships with leading retailers and brands, and trusted client services. And together, Crisp and Atlas will become the market-leading retail data solution to brands everywhere. 

I’m delighted to announce that Crisp has acquired Atlas from Advantage Solutions, a leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing services, as part of a long-term collaboration to offer brands best-in-class, actionable insights across the entire retail landscape.

An industry leading commerce platform

We’re incredibly excited about what this acquisition will mean for brands working with Crisp and Atlas today. Crisp is committed to ensuring a seamless transition for all Atlas customers – maintaining existing services while also offering Crisp’s cloud-based platform and expanded retail footprint. New offerings available with Crisp include:

  • Automated access to 30+ retailers, distributors, and syndicated data sources
  • Integrations into over 15+ outbound destinations, from BI tools to leading cloud platforms
  • Actionable analytics, from Excel- or BI- based reporting to web-based, interactive dashboards
  • Scaleable, cloud-native platform and reliable data infrastructure

The combination of Atlas’ leading CPG data services and Crisp’s modern technology stack will enable clients to leverage large volumes of data with trading partners, and integrate with cloud technology platforms including Snowflake, Databricks, Google Cloud, and Generative AI. Consumer brands will also be able to adopt and leverage Walmart Retail Link and Walmart Luminate, with Crisp’s ability to efficiently integrate the full scale of Luminate data in all of their existing tools. 

An added advantage for thousands of brands

This is just the beginning of a long-term agreement between Crisp and Advantage to provide brands with best-in-class retail intelligence. Advantage’s data-driven services — which include headquarter sales, retail merchandising, in-store and online sampling, digital commerce, omnichannel marketing, retail media and others — help 4000 brands and retailers of all sizes get products into the hands of consumers, wherever they shop. Crisp’s relationship with Advantage Solutions will provide CPG brands with access to enhanced retail sales data, supply chain monitoring, and product availability, enabling them to make faster, smarter decisions to drive sales and loyalty. 

“This deal will reshape how consumer brands and retailers navigate complex supply chain issues and deliver solutions that improve shopper experiences,” said Alex Kelleher, Chief Data Officer for Advantage Solutions. “Clients will benefit from enhanced shopper insights, increased automation, and a seamless bridge between supply chain data and in-store execution.”

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