February 1, 2023
Jessica Fisher

Video: Sanofi shares their approach to data-driven storytelling at NRF

Sanofi Consumer Healthcare’s Elliott Bowles spoke about the company’s evolving use of data to track inventory and make informed decisions, and how these internal processes are saving time and money across the organization.

Earlier this month at Hudson Yards in New York, Crisp’s VP of Partnerships Len Ostroff took to the stage at NRF to welcome Elliott Bowles of Sanofi for a discussion about how the company is utilizing its consumer data. Elliott is Sanofi’s Senior Manager of Data Science, Engineering and Analytics, and joined us as part of Brand Innovator’s Evolution of Retail series. 

In this informative discussion, Elliott provides insights into how Sanofi uses the Crisp platform along with other internal data sources to create a single source of truth for retail analytics, generating timely, actionable insights for the consumer healthcare arm of the company. 

Sanofi Consumer Healthcare encompasses OTC brands found across big-box retailers such as allergy medication brand Allegra® and topical pain reliever Icy-Hot®. Elliott leads a team where his primary responsibility is to “accelerate analytical capabilities for the commercial sales organization,” providing resources and insights to help keep track of product and drive decision making. 

“Data is everywhere, it’s abundant,” Elliott explains. “But it’s how you use it, and synthesize it to tell stories and answer business questions – that’s where the magic is.”

In the conversation, Len and Elliott discuss how the following topics apply to Sanofi Healthcare:

  • Use cases for retail data (and how to get it)
  • How to measure ROI on data initiatives
  • Navigating the post-pandemic supply chain
  • Enabling data-driven use cases across departments

In one key take away from the discussion, Elliott shares how Sanofi’s data pipeline has enabled team members to receive an on-demand feed of key information for their products including sales trends and inventory levels.

For the full picture of how Sanofi is making the most of retail data, tune into the Brand Innovators video below.

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