June 29, 2021
Eve Maher

What’s new in Crisp? Spot voids, find new stores, and leverage the cloud

Part of our Product Update series, a monthly roundup of the latest updates to the Crisp data platform.

In speaking with CPG customers, we often hear a common pain point: the challenge is not just getting access to data (although that certainly is important), it’s about how to sort through all the available data to find key takeaways that will help their brand succeed. Crisp has been working to make this easier, bringing valuable and often hard-to-reach insights to the surface and enabling customers to dig into the data using their favorite tools. Read on for the latest updates this month.

Voids Dashboard and email alerts

Retail shelves are notoriously hard to manage: customers might pick up a product and put it back somewhere else, shelves may be improperly stocked, or worse yet, shelf tags can fall off and keep products from being reordered. These issues affect distribution and hurt sales, but how can you spot and fix them? Crisp has developed a solution to help.

Crisp’s proprietary model uses machine learning to detect stores where your products should be selling, but aren’t. We reference 13 different data points including current and historical sales data from multiple nearby stores and products, along with additional geography and retailer-specific data points, to make predictions. From there, we surface detected voids through the Voids Dashboard, which helps brands do the following:

  • Get the overview: View the product-store combinations that represent possible voids across retail locations (including Walmart, Whole Foods, Target and Wegmans). 
  • Drill down: Drill down by product with UPCs or geographically by state, city, banner, and store format. You can also track how voids change over time and see how they impact sales in dollars.
  • Take action: Easily export a filtered list of stores and products to send to your broker or merchandising team to resolve any detected issues.
  • Get alerts: Every week the Crisp Platform will analyze your retailer data and look for new voids. If it looks like something you should take care of, we’ll send you an email alert with a link to the details.

Retail Opportunities Dashboard

Growing distribution is the name of the game, especially for emerging brands. But to do this successfully, brands need to know which opportunities are ripe for the taking amidst a vast array of stores and retailers nationwide. You can’t go after everything at once, so the trick is to identify the combination of banners and locations that are a strong fit for your products. The new Opportunities Dashboard helps brands do just that by exploring which stores they should expand into. The Opportunities Dashboard makes for a great line review prep tool alongside the Velocity Dashboard, helping brands go into buyer conversations with tangible recommendations backed up by the data.

Google Cloud Storage Outbound Connector

Crisp is designed to help brands make the most of their data, whether that’s in easy-to-use dashboards, BI desktop tools, or cloud-based solutions. Crisp can now export retail data into Google Cloud Storage, helping brands access up-to-date retail data within their existing analytics tools. With the new Google Cloud Storage Outbound Connector, you’ll automatically receive fresh data from partners like UNFI, Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, and Nielsen directly within your GCS instance, with historical data included.

Ready to see how our new features can help your brand grow? Contact us today for a demo. 

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