May 28, 2021
Samantha Johnston

What’s new in Crisp? Build a store locator, rename products, and more

Part of our Product Update series, a monthly roundup of the latest updates to the Crisp data platform.

Crisp is all about making retail data usable and actionable, so that brands can make better decisions to grow their business and serve customers. This month’s product updates aim to do just that, with features to help you access new types of reports, manage and organize your data, and use that data to connect customers with your product. Here are a few features you won’t want to miss from the past month:

Master Data Manager

Product data from vendor portals is often named and structured in a way that makes sense to the retailer or distributor — but it probably doesn’t match how you organize and name products internally. With Crisp’s Master Data Manager, you can update product details to define how they’re displayed in Crisp, so retail data is always usable, consistent, and ready-to-share. 

To make this experience as easy as possible, the Master Data Manager works using a simple Google Sheet. On this spreadsheet, you can:

  • Add a display name to a product, changing how the product appears in Crisp dashboards
  • Combine products into one listing (for example, roll up items that have different UPCs but are the same product)
  • Deactivate products to remove them from Crisp dashboards or reports

Once you’ve made these changes, you’ll see updates automatically in your Crisp data and dashboards.

Store Locator integration

We know how hard it can be to maintain up-to-date online product locators that help interested shoppers find your product in-store. And of course, that problem comes back to data. As your product becomes available in new stores or product availability changes, the process of updating store locations on a brand’s website is often manual and cumbersome. As a platform enabling the free flow of data, we thought there should be a better way, so we built an integration that leverages up-to-date retail and distributor product availability data to populate an online store locator.

Crisp’s newest GeoJSON connector first takes store-level product availability data from retailer and distributor portals and augments it to include geographic coordinates (also known as GeoJSON data), which allows that data to appear on a map. Crisp then provides code that your web manager can use to populate a store locator map directly on your brand’s website. What’s more, the page automatically updates as your product availability changes or distribution expands.  

Email report ingestion

We’re also working to connect our customers to a greater array of data, regardless of the format it’s delivered in. Some distributor partners, such as Snyder’s-Lance and Bunzl, rely on email to deliver sales data in lieu of a vendor portal, so we’ve built the ability to ingest data directly from those emailed reports. From there, we can pipe the data into your preferred BI or analytics tool, bringing all of your retail data under one roof.

We’re excited to share more updates that will enable access to new data sets, make that data more usable, and help you take action based on what you see. To keep up with our product updates and data best practices, subscribe to the Crisp blog

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