September 28, 2021
Eve Maher

What’s new in Crisp? Get notified of trends in your data and connect to Amazon S3

Part of our Product Update series, a monthly roundup of the latest updates to the Crisp data platform.

At Crisp, we believe that insights should be at your fingertips — which means you shouldn’t have to spend precious time looking for them. That’s why we’re not just piping data into core tools and dashboards, but going a step further to alert brands to important changes that might be happening in their business. We’ve also grown our Outbound Connector catalog to deliver normalized, real-time data in the business intelligence or cloud-based tools you rely on. Read on for more about this month’s latest updates.

Introducing Notifications

Crisp dashboards are simple and easy to derive insights from, but busy managers at growing food brands don’t always have the time to be proactive. With our new Notifications feature, Crisp does the hard work to tell users what they should be paying attention to, so you never miss a beat. Crisp can send alerts based on specific changes in your data, from spikes or dips in sales to changes in distribution. Just set up Notifications for any changes you want to be alerted of, and you’ll get an email any time these events occur. 

Example notifications include:

  • Increases in sales at a particular retailer, so you can take action to maximize the opportunity
  • Decreases in sales at a particular retailer, so you can take steps to improve performance
  • Changes in velocity of a particular product
  • New or lost points of distribution

New Connector for Amazon S3

Crisp’s integration with Amazon S3 automates data ingestion by piping up-to-date retailer and distributor tables directly into your Amazon S3 bucket. With this Outbound Connector, brands can eliminate hours spent on manual CSV file downloads and reloads from partner portals and consolidate external and internal data sets for more robust analytics.

Ready to see how our new features can help your brand? Contact us today for a demo. 

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