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September 22, 2023
Casey Luther

Crisp joins Google Cloud Marketplace to help CPGs streamline retail data in the cloud

Crisp helps CPGs on Google Cloud leverage daily retail data to make smarter supply chain and merchandising decisions, all while optimizing their cloud investment. 

A data marketplace for modern CPGs

Platforms like Google Cloud have become an increasingly valuable way for today’s CPG companies to consolidate and take action on the vast amounts of retail data available to suppliers. With Google Marketplace, cloud customers can also easily find and subscribe to data sets from a variety of sources and deliver them seamlessly to their data warehouse.

Crisp is delighted to join Google’s Cloud Marketplace to help CPG customers take full advantage of their cloud environment by integrating data from over 40+ retailer and distributor partners. Crisp automatically ingests data from retail portals such as Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, and Amazon, delivering usable sales and inventory data directly into the cloud. 

Accessing the latest sales and inventory data directly in tools like Google Cloud significantly reduces staff time spent pulling reports from disparate retail vendor portals. Prior to Crisp, CPG brands report spending hours per day manually downloading retail and distributor reports and uploading them into data warehouses. Crisp eliminates this cumbersome step, while also cleaning and harmonizing data across retail sources for faster reporting. By making data more accessible, usable, and actionable, CPGs can uncover insights to spot growth opportunities, optimize operations, and reduce waste. 

Subscribing to Crisp through Google Marketplace offers numerous benefits for brands, including:

  • Seamless integration: Crisp’s partnership with Google Marketplace helps brands conveniently access Crisp’s technical documentation and set-up guides, then connect retail data to their existing account. Google Cloud customers can also leverage the marketplace to analyze retail data alongside other sources (such as CRMs, marketing applications, and syndicated data) for additional value-added insights.
  • Cloud commitments: Purchasing Crisp through GCP marketplace allows brands to draw down on their Google Cloud commitments, optimizing costs for both data integration and cloud computing.
  • Integrated billing: Crisp’s presence in Google Marketplace allows customers to leverage their existing contract and billing relationship with GCP to purchase Crisp solutions through private deals on GCP Marketplace, simplifying billing. 

Insights that drive real business results

The integration of Crisp and Google Cloud enables CPG teams to leverage retail data for daily decision-making, helping them respond to sales trends, forecast demand, and refine operations and merchandising strategies in real time.

Elliott Bowles, Director of Enterprise Analytics at Sanofi, shares how leveraging Crisp’s capabilities within Google cloud has helped the company’s supply chain efforts: “Crisp empowers our supply chain teams with up-to-date visibility. This has sped up our ability to get the answers we need to maximize product availability for our customers.” 

The integration also enables insights such as:

  • Inventory management: With timely sales and inventory data, brands can monitor supply levels at stores or distribution centers along with sales trends to improve inventory allocation and prevent out-of-stocks. Visibility into excess or aging inventory also helps suppliers reduce spoilage and carrying costs.
  • Sales growth: With daily data on sales performance at the SKU and store level, retailers and suppliers can work together to capitalize on trends, optimize assortments, measure the impact of promotions, and refine merchandising strategies. This ultimately helps drive store performance and distribution expansion while improving partnerships with retail buyers.
  • Forecasting: An aggregated analysis of current and historical trends across retailers can inform everything along the supply chain, including forecasting and Sales & Operational Planning, to inform product assortments, demand planning, and operations.

To learn more about leveraging Crisp with Google Cloud, view Crisp’s Google Marketplace listing or contact our team today for more information. For more product news and updates, subscribe to the blog.

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