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January 24, 2023
Are Traasdahl

Crisp acquires Integral Group, bringing EDI solutions to data collaboration platform

Now part of Crisp, the Integral Group offers deep expertise in EDI compliance and data integration across the CPG enterprise ecosystem.

Envisioning a seamless supply chain

At Crisp, we aim to connect data throughout the retail supply chain, helping brands and buyers collaborate to meet demand and reduce waste. Since launching Crisp’s data collaboration platform in 2020, we’ve built connectors that ingest data from 40+ retailers and distributors, spanning $2T in sales and 250,000 doors. We’ve also made that data usable and actionable for hundreds of brands within the tools they use today — helping teams from sales to marketing to supply chain leverage real-time insights to run a smarter, more efficient business.

But when it comes to breaking down data silos across retail, we’re just getting started. A critical component of the retail data landscape is EDI, the global standard for how information is exchanged for ordering, invoices, shipments, chargebacks, and more. A critical connection point between retailers and buyers, EDI presents a tremendous opportunity when joined with another vital part of the buyer-supplier relationship: the exchange of real-time sales and inventory data from stores and distribution centers. Crisp has found a partner that can help us realize this opportunity, and we’re delighted to announce our acquisition of Integral Group, a powerful platform for EDI exchange, applications, and integrations. 

Experts in EDI, specialists in integration

In joining Crisp, Integral Group brings nearly 40 years of experience in EDI technology, along with a robust platform that integrates core EDI compliance with systems across the enterprise. Integral’s product suite ensures supplier compliance with EDI protocols while connecting EDI data to core business applications, including shipping and logistics, 3PL, accounting/ERP, and marketplaces like Amazon Seller Central and Shopify. The Integral team also builds custom applications that connect systems across the enterprise, including their own Commerce Desktop, a ​​fully EDI-compliant web portal for orders, shipments and invoices.

Integral already serves hundreds of customers including manufacturers, distributors, and 3PL providers, helping them achieve:

  • Compliance with trading partner mandates across retail, grocery, pharmacy, and automotive supply chains
  • Consolidation of omnichannel order flows across direct-to-store, cross-dock, bulk, and dropship models, and coverage across traditional retail, e-commerce storefronts, and multi-vendor marketplaces
  • Integration of EDI with order management, inventory, ERP, warehouse management, transportation management, and shipping workflows

Together, Crisp and Integral look forward to deepening the value we provide to customers through both of our platforms. With this acquisition, Crisp also gains a very talented team with deep experience supporting customers in the EDI space. 

Powering the CPG data ecosystem

Crisp and Integral will streamline collaboration between retailers and suppliers and enable cohesive, end-to-end systems within the CPG enterprise. The two platforms will collectively enable integration of retailer and distributor point-of-sale and inventory data with invoices, ordering, and shipments, offering suppliers the full picture of their retail business. Combining these data sets in one place can facilitate an entirely new, deeper set of insights to help brands optimize operations and realize new sales opportunities.

With Crisp and Integral’s many application integrations under one roof, we can also extend the reach of our data sets across enterprise functions – whether that’s incorporating invoice and chargeback data within accounting software or comparing purchase orders with in-store inventory in business intelligence tools. 

Welcoming Integral is an important step in realizing Crisp’s vision of a more connected, high-performing, sustainable supply chain. We look forward to sharing more about our EDI-related solutions in the coming months.

To learn more about how Crisp and Integral can help your team with actionable supply chain data, contact us. For more product news and updates from Crisp, subscribe to the blog.

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