November 17, 2022
Jordon White

What’s new in Crisp? Track Tesco sales, get the big-picture view of inventory, and learn about integrations with The Trade Desk and Promomash

Crisp Product Manager Jordon White shares a roundup of this month’s updates to the Crisp data platform.

Crisp strives to put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your data, so you can leverage business intelligence in a way that makes sense for your brand. This month, we’ve enhanced our dashboards to help you track fill rates, updated outbound feeds to include more e-commerce and category data, and announced partnerships with Promomash and The Trade Desk. Read on for more about this month’s product updates.

Keep shelves stocked with the UNFI Fill Rate Dashboard

The UNFI Fill Rate Dashboard was previously only available to UNFI ClearVue subscribers (UNFI’s highest tier of data subscription), but now UNFI’s SCCV subscribers can access this dashboard in Crisp to help keep products in stock.

We’ve also added enhancements to the Fill Rate Dashboard to help you more easily understand what factors impact your fill rates, including new summary tiles that count the total number of under-filled and over-filled orders.

We’ve also added details on quantity received and quantity ordered in the Details section of your dashboard, so you can see what numbers are used to calculate your fill rate.

Get the big-picture view with Harmonized data feeds

Crisp’s Harmonized data feed consolidates key data from multiple retailers into one stream, allowing you to see the big picture of your business using the BI or analytics tool of your choice. Crisp’s Harmonized data feed now includes DC and store inventory data, in addition to the existing Harmonized sales data, which is accessible through BI tools or through Crisp’s Harmonized Dashboards.

Access up-to-date Tesco data within your favorite tools

Crisp now offers an integration for Tesco, helping you automatically access Tesco’s latest sales and inventory data directly within your BI or analytics tools of choice.

Track Kroger category and e-commerce performance

We’ve expanded data available in Crisp’s Kroger connector to include new e-commerce and category data tables, such as:

  • Kroger E-commerce Business Review
  • Kroger E-commerce Category Data
  • Kroger In-store Business Review
  • Kroger In-store Category Data

To learn more about Crisp’s Kroger connector, visit the data catalog.

Crisp announces partnership with The Trade Desk

The new partnership provides marketers with seamless access to product availability data within The Trade Desk, enabling them to target media spend where products are available and in-stock.

Maximize promotions with Crisp and Promomash

The new integration helps brands view plan and actual promotional data all in one place, making it easy to leverage real-time data to plan, execute, and evaluate more successful promotions. Check out a recording of our recent webinar to learn more.

Ready see how Crisp’s new tools and features can help your business? Contact us today for a demo.

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