August 24, 2023
Rick Laszewski

What’s new in Crisp? UNFI Insights, new feeds for Walmart Luminate, developer resources, and more

Crisp Product Manager Rick Laszewski shares a roundup of this month’s updates to the Crisp data platform.

Crisp is all about making data accessible and actionable, whether it’s in your favorite dashboard, Google Cloud environment, or as the foundation for building your own tools. That’s why in this month’s product updates, you’ll find integrations for new data sources and destinations, an updated on-platform user experience, public data sets for developers, and more. Read on to learn about our latest releases.

Introducing UNFI Insights

Crisp and UNFI have teamed up to launch UNFI Insights, a new data platform that empowers UNFI suppliers with unprecedented data visibility and access to grow sales, improve profitability, and reduce waste. With UNFI Insights, customers can easily access their latest data across natural and conventional directly in the myUNFI portal, or integrate it into their tool of choice. UNFI Insights also includes brand-new data sets and analysis tools to help boost day-to-day success, including category insights, distribution expansion recommendations, streamlined deductions management and disputes, and much more.

Access new data feeds for Walmart Luminate

Crisp has added the newest data feeds available for Walmart Luminate, including:

  • Merchandising transfer request
  • Store returns
  • Inventory adjustments 
  • Mark-ups and mark-downs for category advisors
  • UPC attribution data
  • Item affinity data

To learn more about data available through Walmart Luminate, contact our team.

Find Crisp on the Google Cloud Marketplace 

Crisp is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace to help CPG customers take full advantage of their cloud environment by integrating data from over 30+ retailer and distributor partners. Crisp automatically ingests data from retail portals such as Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, and Amazon, delivering usable sales and inventory data directly into the cloud. By signing up through Google Cloud Marketplace, customers can also streamline billing and use Crisp to count toward existing cloud commitments.

Access public developer data sets 

Crisp’s new public sample data sets in BigQuery allow developers to experiment with building models using data that mimics the real-world sales and supply data of a CPG brand. With Crisp, developers can leverage timely sales and inventory data from 30+ retailers and distributors to build powerful solutions for CPGs.

Check out Crisp’s new and improved platform design 

We’ve redesigned the in-platform experience in Crisp to make it easier than ever for customers to get the insights they need, quickly and easily. The new design helps you:

  • Easily scan for the features you need in a new, condensed menu
  • Access dashboards and saved reports in one click from anywhere on the platform
  • Easily browse reports and pin the reports you use most often to the top of your list

Drill into your data with new dashboard enhancements

Crisp frequently updates and enhances our on-platform dashboards to help you get the insights you need, faster. Recent updates include:

  • By Store roll-up tables on all Sales, Velocity and Distribution dashboards to help customers easily track metrics by store
  • A new metric on the Voids Dashboard that compares the weeks since the last sale to what is typical for that product and store
  • A new Change in Sales Quantity column on Year-Over-Year Sales dashboards to easily monitor absolute unit change 
  • New address details on Sales dashboards (and chain name for UNFI and KeHE) to quickly generate and explore store lists based on filters

Ready see how Crisp’s new tools and features can help your business? Contact us today for a demo.

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