December 22, 2021
Eve Maher

What’s new in Crisp? Expanded data access across wellness, convenience, and more

By Eve Maher

Crisp Product Manager Eve Maher shares a roundup of this month’s updates to the Crisp data platform.

Crisp’s mission is to enable seamless collaboration between suppliers, retailers, and distributors around a single source of truth. To make this possible, we’re expanding the Crisp data platform to help customers connect with new suppliers and distributors across grocery, health and wellness, convenience, and more. Read on for more about this month’s newest data sources and insights.

Data ingestion for McLane and GNC

Crisp now automatically ingests data from wholesaler McLane, which distributes grocery and non-consumables to convenience stores, retailers, drugstores, foodservice, and more. This data connection can save brands significant time typically spent exporting data from vendor portals. Before Crisp, a typical McLane supplier with 13 products would have to run 716 weekly vendor reports to get access to sales data across SKUs and stores. With Crisp, all of their data is automatically piped into the tool of their choice, including Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, and Snowflake – so teams can focus on what they do best.

Crisp can also ingest data from retailer GNC, helping makers of health and nutrition products with an updated feed of sales and inventory data. With this integration, brands can bypass the navigation of GNC’s vendor portal and get directly to analysis and insights.

Actionable insights for DOT suppliers

As the largest redistribution company in the United States, DOT supplies products to distributors and processors, making data transparency particularly important for their suppliers. Crisp’s new DOT dashboards make it easy for brands to understand their sales, distribution, and velocity data. With these dashboards, customers can track high-level trends, drill into details by store or product, and export detailed store lists to follow up with brokers or buyers and keep sales moving along the supply chain.

Crisp’s Distribution Dashboard

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