July 29, 2022
Jordon White

What’s new in Crisp? Track Shopify sales, reduce food waste, analyze new Amazon data, and more.

Crisp Product Manager Jordon White shares a roundup of this month’s updates to the Crisp data platform.

Here at Crisp, we believe that sustainability and good business go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve built a new Retailer Waste dashboard that helps brands reduce food waste and save on costs — along with other business-critical data for Shopify, Amazon, and more. Read on for more about this month’s product updates.

Track e-commerce sales with Shopify Dashboards 

The new Shopify Core Dashboards help Shopify vendors view sales, velocity, and distribution trends and other important details to improve business performance and drive sales. You can track how much product is purchased per order, learn more about the location and purchasing patterns of your customers, and gain a deeper understanding of how order and customer counts impact your sales.

Reduce food waste (and cut costs) with the Retailer Waste Dashboard

The Retailer Waste Dashboard helps you pinpoint where in your supply chain food waste occurs, so you can take action to reduce it, benefiting both the planet and your bottom line. You can see how much of your shipments end up as waste, track your waste by product, and access helpful suggestions for reducing waste. This dashboard currently contains data from Walmart and Kroger, but we plan to expand it to more retailers in the future.

Access data for Amazon Vendor Central, Sam’s Club, and REI

Crisp now offers data integrations for three new retailers, allowing you to access the latest data within your BI or analytics tools of choice:

  • Amazon Vendor Central (AVC): This connector allows you to access Amazon data tailored to vendors to help you more easily get the most of your data without EDI or manual processes.
  • Sam’s Club Madrid (powered by IRI): You can now leverage Sam’s Club (IRI) data to help you increase sales and grow distribution.
  • REI Vendor Portal: This connector allows you to access product, location and sales data to help you make data-driven decisions for REI sales.

Ready see how Crisp’s new tools and features can help your business? Contact us today for a demo.

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