October 14, 2021
Samantha Johnston

Crisp Team Spotlight: Welcome Gareth Davies!

Gareth Davies joins Crisp as Chief Product Officer, leading product innovation to broaden secure data collaboration across the supply chain. 

Meet Gareth

Role: Chief Product Officer
Lives in: Alamo, CA
Favorite grocery store product: All the gluten free carbs, especially cauliflower pizza crust and chickpea pasta.

Gareth Davies believes in the power of data to solve problems. After spending the last 15 years building products and companies centered around data connectivity and marketing technology, he joins Crisp as our new Chief Product Officer. We sat down with Gareth to learn more about his product philosophy and the potential he sees at Crisp to transform global supply chains while reducing waste.

Building products that power collaboration

Gareth is passionate about helping companies make better decisions through secure data sharing and collaboration — an opportunity he’s pursued in the CPG and retail industries throughout his career. Before Crisp, he served as vice president of product at LiveRamp, a leading data platform for marketing that empowers brands to leverage data to transform customer experiences. In his role, Gareth led the development of innovative products for retail media and partnered with leading global retailers like Carrefour to establish a secure data collaboration solution with CPG suppliers. Gareth formerly co-founded Adbrain, where he developed a Data-as-a-Service platform for marketers that was later acquired by The Trade Desk. He also worked as a commercial leader at Google, where he led product collaborations with ad agencies such as Publicis.

The drive to help companies harness data to form new connections and solutions is ultimately what drew Gareth to lead the product team at Crisp. “The focus on network-driven growth and connecting fragmented, siloed data is at the center of my opportunity thesis, and reflects the kind of products and companies I’ve helped build over the years,” Gareth says. 

“The scale of opportunity that comes from enabling others with the insights they need to grow their business and reduce waste is truly exponential.” — Gareth Davies

Solving real-world problems at scale

At Crisp, Gareth sees the potential to break down silos that will make the entire supply chain more agile while eliminating the root cause of food waste. This opportunity will only become greater as Crisp’s network effect grows, connecting retailers, brands, marketing agencies, distributors, and more with real-time insights and enabling collaborative workflows that drive better decision-making. “The scale of opportunity that comes from enabling others with the insights they need to grow their business and reduce waste is truly exponential,” Gareth notes. “The vision and scale of ambition at Crisp speaks to my entrepreneurial drive.” It’s not only the scale, but the real-world impact that Gareth hopes to achieve at Crisp: “We have the ability to eradicate food waste in the retail supply chain. Crisp’s ability to make both a positive societal and economic impact at scale is huge,” Gareth says.

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