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Crisp Team Spotlight: Welcome Stacy Bohrer!

Stacy Bohrer from The Trade Desk will lead Crisp’s enterprise sales team, developing data solutions to help CPG brands and retailers drive growth and reduce waste.

Meet Stacy

Role: Senior Vice President of Sales
Lives in: Deerfield, IL
Favorite grocery store product: Acqua Panna Water. The most refreshing!

At Crisp, we always say that when retailers and suppliers share data, everybody wins. This rings very true for Stacy Bohrer, Crisp’s new senior vice president of sales. We sat down with Stacy to discuss her background at The Trade Desk, and how it’s shaped her desire to expand data access and transparency for CPG brands.

Building programmatic solutions in advertising

Before Crisp, Stacy served as regional vice president of business development at The Trade Desk, the leading digital media-buying platform that empowers companies to implement a programmatic approach to advertising across channels. In her role, Stacy helped establish the Trade Desk as the platform of choice for large agencies such as Publicis, CPG companies such as Tyson and Kimberly-Clark, and retailers including Walmart and Target in the U.S. As The Trade Desk’s first Midwest hire, she helped scale the region’s office from 0 to 125+ employees.

At The Trade Desk, Stacy saw firsthand the data gap that her CPG clients faced between supply chain operations, retail performance, and marketing programs. Brands needed to understand their product’s supply chain journey and the return on investment at every step, from the farm to the dinner table -- but they couldn’t easily connect their first-party data with data from retail partners, let alone aggregate that data for actionable insights. It was clear that closing the loop between these disparate data points was ‘“the holy grail” for marketers.

“For marketers, Crisp is a game changer. The ability to automate in-store availability into a brand’s media buy puts Crisp on the cutting edge.” -- Stacy Bohrer

A major opportunity for CPG marketers

With Crisp, Stacy sees an opportunity to give CPG teams this missing piece: “Brands are trying to get as much data as they can to make better decisions in marketing, and Crisp is offering what they’ve wanted for a long time. Crisp is the first solution to foster true transparency between retailers, distributors, and brands,” she explains.

Stacy notes an important synergy between the missions of The Trade Desk and Crisp, both focused on enabling transparent, data-driven decision-making. The work of both companies ultimately contributes to a programmatic approach to retail commerce in which everything from advertising to operations are optimized and automated. For instance, by piping in real-time inventory data from retailers, Crisp can help brands focus their advertising spend where it counts, geo-fencing ads in areas where products are not only carried, but currently in stock. Stacy notes: “For marketers, this is a game changer. The ability to automate in-store availability into a brand’s media buy puts Crisp on the cutting edge.”

Stacy is also excited to build a mission-driven team, and sees a clear link between Crisp’s offering and the company’s broader mission to reduce food waste. “Any time you bring transparency and data into the equation, you build a more efficient business. This eliminates the waste of not only product, but time, money, and ad dollars.”

For more fresh insights from Stacy’s team and Crisp’s customers, subscribe to the blog. To learn more about how Crisp can help brands with data transparency, contact us for a demo.

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