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November 2, 2023
Casey Luther

Crisp and SupplyPike Partner to Power Data-Driven Deductions Management

Through the partnership, CPG brands can leverage the latest retail data to minimize deductions and improve supply chain performance.

Deductions are a persistent challenge for CPG brands that can eat away at profits and hurt the retailer-supplier relationship. It’s critical to get a handle on performance issues that lead to penalties and avoid any invalid deductions – but in order to do that, brands need comprehensive visibility into supply chain and sales performance across their retail partners. That’s why Crisp has teamed up with SupplyPike, a leading deductions management platform, to help CPG brands leverage timely, granular retail data to manage and reduce costly deductions.

SupplyPike’s automated software provides suppliers with actionable insights into their retailer performance, automated disputing of invalid compliance fines and retailer deductions, and unmatched visibility into their supply chain to inform decision-making. Now, Crisp can empower SupplyPike customers with a seamless flow of the latest data across 40+ retail partners for even more relevant, actionable insights.

With Crisp’s advanced, real-time analytics and SupplyPike’s innovative supply chain management tools, businesses gain a comprehensive solution that addresses the full spectrum of supply chain challenges. For example, real-time, store-level visibility into sales performance can inform demand planning and inventory optimization to improve service levels. Real-time visibility into on-hand inventory, fill rates, and OTIF can help brands evaluate and improve supply chain performance, limiting penalties and compliance fines. And finally, SupplyPike’s technology can help brands quickly and automatically dispute invalid deductions, saving significant costs for suppliers.

Eric Smith, Vice President of Product at SupplyPike, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Crisp. Together we are revolutionizing how CPG suppliers manage their retail businesses, and this partnership will only further enhance the value we provide our mutual customers.” 

“Retailer deductions are a real challenge for CPG brands,” said Len Ostroff, EVP of Partnerships at Crisp. “By connecting a feed of the latest sales and inventory data from retailers and distributors, Crisp will support SupplyPike’s powerful deductions management solutions that help brands improve supply chain performance and their bottom line.”

The collaboration between Crisp and SupplyPike enables suppliers to make data-driven decisions that result in increased revenue, valuable cost savings, and fully stocked shelves. To learn more, visit or contact Crisp for a demo.

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