February 12, 2020
Dag Liodden

Think Outside the Spreadsheet and Forecast Fearlessly

The demand forecast is the key driver of food supply chain operations from field to fork. Forecast accuracy impacts shareholder value, as well as the amount of food that is wasted
on the complex journey to the kitchen table. While suppliers across the food supply chain are losing revenue due to inaccurate and time-consuming demand forecasting processes, many are reluctant to try new approaches, fearing the possibility of difficult or costly implementation. Luckily, there’s now a technological solution without the risk of either!

What Happens When You Implement the Crisp Software Solution

For starters, your company will see an immediate reduction in the time required to generate demand forecasts—leaving your managers free to spend more time on strategic business objectives. In fact, it will take only minutes to upload your product data and receive your forecast. Spending more time than that creating demand forecasts for your business? We’ve got a solution. Download this free white paper, Think Outside the Spreadsheet and Forecast Fearlessly, and learn how to save time while producing more accurate forecasts for your supply chain.

In this robust offer, you will be presented with concepts to help you:

  • Obtain better insight into your customers’ ordering patterns
  • Leverage historical sales data to more accurately predict demand (even for NEW products or alternate sizing)
  • Account for the impacts of seasonality, upcoming marketing promotions, and more—without having to perform any manual calculations

Click here to download the white paper

Interested in the benefits your business could enjoy after reducing your demand forecasting process to seconds? Reach out to us directly to learn more.

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Be Data Ready for Anything

Crisp uses the power of the cloud to connect and analyze all of your data sources in real-time, providing you with the most meaningful insights and trends for your business. When you know exactly what’s in store, you can keep shelves stocked and customers happy while skyrocketing profitability.

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