Produce what customers need. Period.

The goal of production planning is simple—to anticipate and produce exactly what consumers need, when they need it. What isn’t simple is demand forecasting, because it’s not just about historical data.

For every forecast, there are newly onboarded customers to account for, promotions to factor in, current inventory levels and Sales Order data to consider, seasonal trends to weigh, and a host of other shifting variables to think about.

Plus, there’s a lot at stake. Because if you over-forecast, costs go up along with food waste. Under-forecast, and you put customer relationships at risk.

That’s why we’ve created a better way to forecast: with Crisp.


Accurate forecasts, automated and on-demand

The intelligent Crisp platform seamlessly connects all the data and information you need to create accurate forecasts in seconds. Instead of error-prone spreadsheets, Crisp uses intelligent algorithms to account for every variable and every trend that will impact demand for your specific product lines.

With Crisp, up-to-the-minute, reliable forecasts are at your fingertips, for any product and any customer, any time.


Optimize production with the power of Crisp

  • Meet customer needs without overproduction
  • Reduce waste, storage overhead and inventory cost
  • Eliminate elaborate spreadsheets and manual data entry
  • Account for every variable, trend or event that will influence demand, for outstanding precision
  • Collaborate seamlessly, so key stakeholder input can inform every forecast

Use the full power of your data

Crisp simply ingests and quickly analyzes all your data inputs to produce the highly accurate forecasts you need to optimize production.


  • Historical sales data from your ERP 
  • Inventory data 

  • Daily, weekly, quarterly forecasts and more

  • Forecasts by customer, product and more

  • Demand vs. sales reports

  • Customer trends


Powerful, time-saving tools for forecasters

The easy-to-use Crisp platform automates and streamlines workflows for forecasters:

  • Slash the time you spend chasing down data and updating and sharing spreadsheets
  • Generate historic reports and forecasts by retail customer in seconds
  • Allow real-time access to updated forecasts for key stakeholders
  • Easily forecast brand new products or replacement SKU's

Integration is easy & flexible

We can get you started with just a CSV file. Find out more about flexible integration options here.


Simple & transparent pricing

Crisp developed the easiest to use forecasting product. Ever. We have also created clear pricing so you know exactly what you're going to pay up front.