Crisp Acquires Both Lumidata and SetSight to Unify Retail Data, Enabling CPG Brand Growth with Target. Full announcement here.

Walmart Luminate Charter Connector

Get the full value of Luminate Charter with Crisp’s API Integration

Crisp automatically ingests and integrates Walmart Luminate Charter data directly into the tools and platforms you use today, helping you take full advantage of the Luminate platform for fast, actionable insights.

Seamlessly integrate the Luminate API with your current systems

With Crisp, you can spend less time maintaining data pipelines and focus more on value-added analysis – and everyone from sales to operations and management gets the information they need, where they need it.

Available Data Includes:

  • Store sales
  • Enhanced eComm sales
  • Store and DC Inventory
  • Demand forecasting
  • Order forecast (previously supply plan)
  • Modular plans
  • OTIF
  • Store fulfillment
  • Out of Stock Root Cause
  • PO data
  • Online pickup & delivery
  • Digital transactibility
  • Markups/Markdowns
  • UPC sales (full category, available to non-advisors)
  • Additional data sets for Walmart Category Advisors

Crisp regularly incorporates new data feeds as they are added to Luminate Charter.


Crisp Retail Analytics

Get fast, actionable insights from Luminate

Take advantage of the full scope of Luminate data with reporting that is fast, flexible, and user-friendly. With Crisp Retail Analytics, it’s easier than ever for sales, category, and supply chain teams to make data-driven decisions, every day.

  • Interactive dashboards: Easily drill down to the store and item level to get the insights you need
  • Customizable reports: Access stock reports for business-critical data and customize reports for your teams
  • Report scheduling: Have reports delivered when and where you need them
  • Seamless integrations: Easily build ad-hoc reports in Excel or export data into PowerPoint

Crisp Tools and Features

Get more from your data with these handy features:

Automatic reports and restatements

Crisp automatically ingests new Luminate reports when they’re available, saving you valuable time

Historical backfill

Access three years of historical data, wherever you need it

Custom product attribution

Edit and group products so reports make sense to you and your team


Detailed documentation of normalized data sets includes primary keys and reference tables to help analysts manage data with ease

How to export Luminate data with Crisp

Connector set-up is simple and fast

  1. Subscribe to Luminate Charter

    Contact the Walmart Data Ventures team to get started.

  2. Authorize Crisp

    Authorize Crisp as your third-party vendor, and sign the third-party agreement form from Walmart Data Ventures. Then, Crisp can request secure API keys from Walmart to onboard your supplier data.

  3. Select Data Destinations

    Choose the tools and systems where you’ll want access to Luminate data, including Excel, BI tools, and cloud warehouses.

  4. Let the data flow

    Crisp will populate your existing tools with current and historical data.

Case Studies

  • Nestlé USA

    Explore how Nestlé USA transformed UNFI data management, navigated complex distribution, and boosted its $300M business segment with actionable insights from Crisp.

  • poppi

    Can digital ads drive brick-and-mortar sales? Poppi’s partnership with Tinuiti and Crisp reveals an 80% boost in areas targeted by TikTok campaigns.

  • MUSH

    Crisp revolutionized MUSH’s operations with real-time data insights, ensuring they rise and shine as breakfast champions in the retail aisle.

  • Ritual

    With retail data delivered automatically through Snowflake, Crisp helped Ritual unlock omnichannel success while avoiding the cost and workload of managing data pipelines internally.

  • ZURU

    From Monday Haircare to their viral Mini Brands™, ZURU group is ready to launch any product thanks to Crisp’s data-ready platform.

  • Honey Mama’s

    From Portland, Oregon farmers markets to national shelves, Honey Mama’s has crafted a uniquely memorable presence in the world of chocolate. With Crisp’s insights, retail strategies have been tempered to perfection.