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Practicing Simplicity | The Crisp Blog | Dag Liodden

COVID-19 DemandWatch
Mar 27. 2020

Crisp’s DemandWatch Surfaces Real-time, Interactive European Grocery Data for U.S. Inventory Planning

Global events like COVID-19 heighten the interconnectivity of our food supply chain and we are collaborating with our clients to navigate ...

author: Dag Liodden

Feb 12. 2020

Think Outside the Spreadsheet and Forecast Fearlessly

The demand forecast is the key driver of food supply chain operations from field to fork. Forecast accuracy impacts shareholder value, as well ...

author: Dag Liodden

Dec 13. 2019

5 Demand Forecasting Methods to Assure Better Accuracy

Though every business needs a demand forecasting model, there is no perfect solution that works for everybody. While no one method is perfect at ...

author: Dag Liodden

Nov 21. 2019

Taming the Bullwhip: Driving Supply Chain Efficiency with Forecasting

Best-in-class demand forecasting : Is consumption-driven, Incorporates comprehensive data inputs, and ...

author: Dag Liodden

Nov 05. 2019

Key Forecasting and Supply Chain Terms to Know


author: Dag Liodden