November 9, 2023
Jessica Fisher

Crisp Team Spotlight: Celestial Minto

We’re illuminating Celestial’s 20-year journey in the world of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) where her passions for learning and problem-solving shine brightly.

Meet Celestial

Role: EDI Integration Specialist
Lives in: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Favorite grocery store product: Rocky Road ice cream

Meet Celestial, Crisp’s dedicated EDI Integration Specialist, who, originally from the Philippines, calls the vibrant city of Toronto home. We are fortunate to have Celestial on board as a seasoned expert with nearly 20 years of experience in the EDI field.

In the fast-paced world of modern commerce, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) plays a pivotal role in streamlining operations and ensuring communication between companies. Crisp’s commitment to enhancing its capabilities in EDI led to the acquisition of Ontario-based Integral Group in January 2023, bringing Celestial and many other talented individuals into Crisp’s team.

In this spotlight, Celestial’s insights not only educate but also inspire, offering a glimpse into the dynamic world of EDI – which is experiencing a tremendous boom coinciding with retail’s digital transformation

Keep reading to discover how her love of learning extends beyond this highly specialized field, encompassing a passion for music and fitness!

Creating seamless connections

In her role as an EDI Integration Specialist, Celestial plays a crucial part in implementing EDI solutions for clients and their trading partners.

During onboarding, she creates custom mappings that match the specific requirements of each trading partner, ensuring a smooth flow of electronic data including invoices, purchase orders, and shipping documents. After the intricate mapping process, Celestial tests the connections, swiftly troubleshooting and solving any issues that arise before implementation.

Celestial’s meticulous approach ensures that EDI connections with partners like Walmart, Home Depot, KeHE, and UNFI function seamlessly. 

She acknowledges the challenges of introducing EDI to clients, stating, “EDI is still very new to a lot of people, including the customers we work with. It’s very technical and has its own language.”

She continues, “For instance, they may not recognize terms like an 850, or 810. We handle these details for them.” 

Did you know: In EDI, an 850 refers to an electronic purchase order, sent to a vendor, containing all details for a given purchase. An 810 refers to an electronic invoice sent from a seller to a buyer, indicating charges due and payment terms. 

Technology trailblazer

With experience spanning almost 20 years in EDI, Celestial is uniquely adept at implementation. She began her first role in the EDI field at just 19 years old, a time when it was still an unfamiliar technology to many.

“My colleague was a Logistics Manager who used EDI, and she taught me all about it,” Celestial recalls, “She was the only person who knew it in the company so when she left, I started training others.” 

Since then, Celestial expresses that a love for problem-solving has guided her journey in the industry.

She reflects, “I love being in the position I am now, helping implement EDI instead of being a user of it. If something isn’t connecting, I love the challenge of figuring it out, and it feels rewarding when I do.”

Today, each mapping and implementation process that Celestial undertakes only adds her to specialized knowledge in the field.

I love being in the position I am now, helping implement EDI instead of being a user of it. If something isn’t connecting, I love the challenge of figuring it out, and it feels rewarding when I do.

Celestial Minto, EDI Integration Specialist

Pioneering collaborative commerce

Similar to Crisp’s retail data platform, the adoption of EDI technology experienced a significant boom during the pandemic. “Everyone was ordering everything, and manual processes couldn’t keep up,” Celestial remembers. As the demand for various products surged, businesses increasingly relied on EDI to keep up and fulfill orders efficiently.

Celestial only envisions continued growth for the sector, anticipating that more businesses will recognize the benefits of automation, efficiency, and error reduction that EDI offers. And she believes that the technology fits in perfectly with Crisp’s collaborative commerce model.
While Celestial has been with Integral Group since 2016, she became part of Crisp’s team in January, coinciding with the acquisition of the EDI company. Reflecting on this transition, Celestial expresses her optimism about the future.

She notes, “I think our services are very complementary, so it’s been great. And we have been excited to offer Crisp’s data software to our existing clients. We see that together, our services represent an end-to-end supply chain solution.”

A healthy work-life balance

As for the culture, Celestial feels right at home with the dynamic atmosphere at Crisp. The company’s dedication to innovation and continuous learning aligns perfectly with her own values.

Beyond her work life, this love of learning extends to Celestial’s passion for Crossfit, a fitness regimen she practices up to six days a week.

“There are so many body movements to learn and improve on, I never get bored of it,” she says.

Additionally, Celestial has a deep appreciation for music, especially the diverse music scene in Toronto.

“I’m not a big partier, I just love vibing to music!” she exclaims. She explores various genres, including R&B, reggae, soca, and dancehall, with her friends. It’s a way for her to unwind and connect with different cultures through music, further exemplifying her affinity for embracing new experiences.

At home, Celestial enjoys quality time with her tight-knit family, consisting of her husband and stepdaughter, along with her cherished in-laws. Family gatherings and shared meals are treasured moments. 

“Especially if there’s Filipino food around, I go nuts for it!” she laughs, expressing an appreciation for her roots and heritage.

Celestial’s strong expertise in EDI, paired with her passion for learning and embracing new experiences, wonderfully captures the innovative and fluid spirit of Crisp. We are proud to have her as part of the team, serving as a guiding light for seamless commerce, and helping clients navigate the world of electronic data interchange with ease and efficiency. 

Interested in working with Celestial to power the supply chain with better data? Visit our careers page here.

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