June 17, 2022
Jordon White

What’s new in Crisp? Spot distributor voids, track YOY trends, and ace the home improvement space

Crisp Product Manager Jordon White shares a roundup of this month’s updates to the Crisp data platform.

Here at Crisp, our goal is not just to show you interesting insights, but to help you take action that will drive your business forward. That’s why this month, you’ll find new dashboards to detect distributor voids, identify year-over-year sales trends, get actionable insights for new retailers, and export data into your core tools. Read on for more about this month’s product updates.

Spot voids in your distribution

Voids affect distribution and hurt sales, but they can be difficult for brands to identify. That’s why Crisp developed a Retailer Voids Dashboard, which detects and surfaces likely voids across retailers. Our latest release, the Distributor Voids Dashboard, uses that same technology to help you pinpoint re-ordering or out-of-stock issues across distribution channels.

Crisp's proprietary voids detection model uses machine learning to identify where a product should be selling, but isn’t. We reference 13 different data points, including current and historical sales data from multiple nearby stores and products, to make predictions. The Distributor Voids Dashboard helps you drill down to investigate problem areas and follow up with distributor partners to get products selling again. 

Track year-over-year sales for 13 new retailers

Year-Over-Year Sales Dashboards help brands understand business performance and market trends by comparing current sales patterns to similar periods in previous years. With new dashboards for KeHe, Kroger, Wegmans, Target, SVHarbor, and 8 other connectors, you can compare YOY data for time periods ranging from two weeks to a year. Once you’ve found a relevant trend, you can easily click to filter down to a specific channel, retailer, distributor, or region to identify drivers of the YOY change. From there, you can take specific action using store and product level performance data, and export store lists to follow up on relevant insights.

YOY Sales Dashboard

Understand your home improvement channel with Lowe’s and The Home Depot dashboards

Crisp’s new Core Dashboards make it easy for Lowe’s and The Home Depot suppliers to understand their sales, distribution, and velocity data. With Crisp’s dashboards, customers can track high-level trends, drill into details by store or product, and export detailed store lists to follow up with brokers or buyers and keep sales moving along the supply chain.

Dive into Specialty Chain Sales for SVHarbor

Certain data from the SVHarbor portal is available only at the chain level. To offer insights into these locations, we’ve created a separate Specialty Chain Sales Dashboard, now available to all customers with an SVHarbor connector.

Access up-to-date retailer and distributor data in your Azure Data Lake Storage

Crisp’s newest Outbound Connector syncs distributor and retailer data securely to Azure Data Lake Storage. This update enables you to sync data from Crisp to power analytics with platforms like Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI and Data Factory. Now, the latest retail data will be automatically synced to your Azure environment to help you get reliable insights faster.

Build your own OData feed with Crisp’s API Connector

Customers interested in exporting Crisp data via an OData connection can now find a dedicated OData Outbound Connector in Crisp's catalog. Crisp already uses this OData API to connect to Excel, Power BI, and Tableau, but you can now use the generic OData API to connect Crisp data to additional systems you may use, such as an on-premise SQL server. 

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