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White Paper: The Guide to Programmatic Commerce in Retail

The responsiveness of the food supply chain in the face of COVID-19’s swift and profound upheaval has been remarkable. But the experience also served as a clarion call to leverage the power of data, technology, and collaboration to better foresee and adapt to changing consumption patterns and supply chain disruptions. Through digital transformation, the retail industry has the potential to finally connect demand with supply and transform commerce from the disjointed in-store and online experience of today into a seamless, automated system. This is programmatic commerce -- and it’s the future of retail.

Our new white paper, The Guide to Programmatic Commerce in the Food Industry, lays out the possibilities of this new model and its practical applications. You’ll learn how programmatic commerce helps supply chain partners:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and spend through personalized in-store and online  experiences
  • Optimize and localize assortments to support sustainable category growth
  • Gain real-time inventory visibility and adapt to supply and demand changes


Download the full white paper here:

The Guide to Programmatic Commerce in the Food Industry-desktop

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