August 5, 2021
Dana Miller

White Paper: Next Generation of the 5Ps

Crisp’s new go-to guide for marketers updates the classic “5Ps” for an omnichannel world. 

Rapidly changing consumer attitudes and behavior. Surging growth in online grocery shopping. Higher expectations for an omnichannel experience. An evolving competitive landscape. No doubt, things have changed radically in the retail business, especially in the past year.

Today’s consumer experience is shaped by interactions with retailers and brands across multiple channels and touchpoints, making seamless consistency imperative. Successful CPG brands and retailers must develop holistic, omnichannel-first strategies that meet consumers where, when, and how they want. This has implications for every department, and requires companies to re-envision their entire go-to-market strategy.

Our new white paper, Next Generation of the 5Ps, shares how data and technology can help marketers redefine the classic 5Ps to gain a competitive advantage:

  • People: Gain a 360° view of the consumer
  • Product: Innovate faster and optimize assortments
  • Place: Rethink “where to play”
  • Price: Grow margins with data-driven pricing
  • Promotion: Make marketing personal and precise

Download the full white paper here:

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