September 19, 2023
Debra Rimmer

Need to connect to Walmart for your orders? We’ve got you.

Having Crisp EDI manage your Walmart orders is
compliant, efficient, and cost-effective. 

Third-Party Providers and Retail Link Compliance:
Walmart allows vendors to use third-party EDI providers for order processing. And the payback for choosing to outsource is a game changer for your operations with increased accuracy and cost savings.

What you can’t do is allow your provider to access the Retail Link portal directly, but that doesn’t impact EDI order processing. 

As many of our clients have already discovered, order management with Crisp is Walmart-compliant and has many advantages over DIY through Retail Link.

EDI Compliance:
Walmart mandates EDI compliance for all its vendors, with no exceptions. Any deviations from the Walmart EDI process can cause delays, rejected orders and chargebacks. If you manage the process in-house, your team must stay abreast of all Walmart EDI changes and updates and constantly monitor error and exception logs. Connecting to Walmart through Crisp removes the need for dedicated in-house EDI expertise and oversight.

Efficiency for all Walmart orders:
Vendors sell to Walmart on several channels, each with specific requirements: It’s a lot for your team to stay on top of. These requirements are built into our systems so Crisp flawlessly manages order processing for each channel. 

Connect with sales channels:
Walmart stores in Canada and the United States
Walmart Distribution Centers & drop-shipping
Walmart Marketplace

Efficiency for Vendor Order Management Overall:
Managing your orders within each of your trading partner portals individually can be a time-consuming undertaking for your team. You can manually retrieve orders on vendor portals – like Walmart and Amazon – and add staff to deal with increased order volumes and trading partners. But that’s resource-intensive, not easily scalable, and prone to costly human errors. 

Alternatively, outsourcing your EDI to Crisp ensures that all orders are available on a single platform. Volume fluctuations are effortlessly accommodated, and overall accuracy increases. You also have our local on-site technical support team as a resource to address any concerns immediately. 

Cost Effective:
Crisp’s flat rate pricing plans make choosing us as your service provider simple: You get easy-to-understand and predictable monthly costs. Your Walmart orders are seamlessly consolidated with your existing workflow, integrating with Commerce Desktop or your chosen business applications.

A Powerful One-stop Solution:
Crisp provides a one-stop solution for managing all your orders, including Walmart: Compliant, Efficient, and Cost-Effective.

Contact Lee Mrkonjic, our Director of Sales, and discuss the advantages of automating your Walmart orders with Crisp.
Direct: (289) 301-2410
Mobile: (647) 377-0131

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