January 27, 2022
Eve Maher

What’s new in Crisp? Master your Walmart supply chain, reorganize retail data, and more

By Eve Maher

Crisp Product Manager Eve Maher shares a roundup of this month’s updates to the Crisp data platform.

At Crisp, we believe that data isn’t meant for just one person or team. In fact, brands succeed when everyone in the organization can use data to make decisions each day. That’s why we’ve expanded product offerings for supply chain managers, added new e-commerce data, and helped teams everywhere make retail vendor portal data more usable. Read on for more about this month’s latest product releases.

Master your Walmart business with new supply chain and e-commerce data

Today’s supply chain environment is incredibly challenging, but greater visibility can help CPG teams adapt in real time to keep shelves stocked. Tracking store inventory is particularly important for Walmart suppliers working to ensure that each location has enough product to meet customer demand. Crisp’s new Store Inventory Dashboard was built for this purpose, displaying in-store inventory and weeks of supply across regions or individual stores. The dashboard also compares current inventory rates to average inventory levels to help supply chain managers identify and correct any imbalances.

In-stock rates are a critical metric to evaluate supply chain success. Crisp’s new In-Stock dashboard helps brands track service levels to Walmart and understand in-stock rates by account, portfolio, store, or DC. With this information, managers can prepare for buyer meetings with metrics on supply chain health, spot inventory issues that need immediate correcting, and analyze historical in-stock trends to adjust supply forecasts.

Brands don’t just have in-store sales to think about: the rise of omni-channel fulfillment has increased the need for suppliers to also understand order fulfillment across e-commerce channels. Crisp’s newest Walmart data set does just that, helping brands integrate their mastery of in-store data with e-commerce sales data from Walmart. Crisp pipes this data directly into your tool of choice, including Excel, Tableau, Power BI, or cloud-based platforms.

Walmart Store Inventory Dashboard

Re-organize your retail data with Master Data Manager

The way product data is displayed or organized in vendor portals can be very different from the way brands want to analyze their data. With Crisp’s Master Data Manager (MDM), you can change how your retail data appears in Crisp, making it more intuitive and usable. With the latest updates to MDM, you can edit product names across all of your dashboards, deactivate discontinued products, and organize products into categories and sub-categories. Once you’ve made these changes, the newly organized data appears for all future reports across each retail partner.

New dashboards offer insights for Aldi, CVS, Harris Teeter, and BJ’s

Crisp now offers sales, distribution, and velocity dashboards for CVS, Harris Teeter, and BJ’s Wholesale suppliers. These dashboards give sales and operations managers the latest trends and insights into sales, distribution and velocity to make better decisions daily. For ALDI suppliers, new inventory and sales drivers dashboards track inventory to understand how changing distribution and velocity affects overall sales.

Ready see how Crisp’s new tools and features can help your business? Contact us today for a demo.

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