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Featured Customer: Nounós Creamery

Everybody loves Nounós yogurt. Traditional Greek yogurt - the real deal - but made at the creamery in New York. 

While the yogurt is rich and creamy, production planning wasn’t always very smooth. The team needed to understand which flavors to produce and how much of each. Forecasting demand for each yogurt flavor was tedious and inaccurate. In addition, the forecasting spreadsheets were tedious to work with and often inaccurate. 

  • Forecasting took up to two hours every week
  • Orders were short 10% of the time to reduce food waste
  • Overproduction was inevitable

So Nounós decided to add something new to the mix and began demand forecasting with Crisp.

  • No spreadsheets 
  • No silos
  • Just streamlined

And even better:

  • Zero short orders
  • 40% less overproduction
  • Accurate forecasts in 10 minutes per week

Click here to download the Nounós case study and here to book a demo with our sales team to learn how Crisp can help you reduce food waste while increasing your bottom line!

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