BigQuery Data Integration

Consolidate Supplier Portal Data in BigQuery Automatically

Get access to real-time retailer and distributor data within your existing cloud infrastructure. Crisp’s BigQuery integration seamlessly and automatically updates your project with a live feed of supplier portal data.

All your data, fully automated

No more need for manual CSV file downloads/uploads

Live data feed of continuously updated information from Crisp’s comprehensive, secure online data warehouse

Automatically updates your files when new data is available

Crisp Tools and Features

Get more from your data with these handy features:

Google Data Studio Templates

Load your BigQuery tables into customizable dashboards and reports

Seamless integration

Compatible data feed with your business process

Consolidate all your data sources

Crisp aggregates data from retailer and distributor portals such as:

How to set up a BigQuery Outbound Connector with Crisp

Crisp’s BigQuery integration is simple and secure

  1. Add Connector

    Once you’ve purchased Crisp, add and name the BigQuery connector inside the Crisp platform and provide your account identifier

  2. Select Google Cloud Region

    You’ll need to provide the GCP email(s) to receive the data share and select the GCP region

  3. Select Source Connectors

    Check each source you want to export to your BigQuery project

  4. Enjoy your data

    Crisp will export historical data and automate future reports

Case Studies

  • RxSugar

    RxSugar CEO Steve Hanley is on a mission to end sugar. After discovering that sugar is added to 80% of all food and beverage products, he had an idea: if he could replace every gram of regular sugar with a healthy alternative, it would truly change the world.

  • REMA 1000

    With Crisp’s REMA Connect, the retailer shares up-to-date sales and supply chain data with top suppliers, driving transparency to reduce costs, increase supply chain efficiency, and grow revenue for both REMA 1000 and its brand partners.

  • Outstanding foods

    Outstanding Foods’ plant-based, protein-packed snacks are disrupting the snack category one region at a time. Crisp is helping their data be even more outstanding.

  • No Evil Foods

    With Crisp’s platform, No Evil Foods revolutionized the way they access store-level distributor data to create solid forecasts that fuel business.

  • Split Nutrition

    Split can now make split-second decisions with confidence while monitoring high-level trends for 3,000 stores nationwide.