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Walmart Retail Link Connector

Get instant insights from Walmart Retail Link reports

Extract the value of your Walmart Retail Link portal reports by connecting it to Crisp. Get quick and easy access to the insights that drive your business through Crisp’s business dashboard.

Crisp Dashboards bring Retail Link data to life

Crisp’s interactive dashboards make your supplier data easy to understand, revealing valuable insights through clickable charts and visualizations.

Retail Link Sales Dashboard

Track sales trends, seasonal patterns, and growth over time with up to 2 years of historical data.

Identify hotspots or opportunity gaps in marketing, distribution, and sales with interactive heat maps.

Quickly drill down to a particular store, product, or date to understand what is driving sales up or down.

Retail Link Velocity Dashboard

Find your velocity hotspots: Explore filterable charts and maps to understand where velocity is strong and where it can improve.

Identify similar stores by store type, location, or market where you're likely to succeed with additional coverage.

Create a compelling, data-driven presentation for buyer meetings and export store lists to follow up on specific locations.

Retail Link Distribution Dashboard

Understand how your distribution is driving sales up or down.

Improve resource planning and operations with easy-to-read distribution maps.

Download lists or charts to send to sales reps, buyers, or brokers.

Export your Retail Link data into local or cloud-based apps.

Crisp’s outbound connectors automatically pipe Retail Link reports in a usable format into your tool of choice, from Excel to BI tools to your cloud data warehouse. Data-savvy employees can spend less time downloading reports and focus on more value-added analysis, and everyone from accounting to operations gets the information they need where they need it.

Consolidate Retail Link data with other retail accounts

Crisp also aggregates data from retailer and distributor portals such as:

Crisp Tools and Features

Get more from your data with these handy dashboard features:

  • Automatic reports

    Crisp automatically ingests new Retail Link reports when they’re available, saving you valuable time

  • Drill down

    Filter by item, location and date to dig into the details with just a click

  • Bookmark

    Save your reports and share them with colleagues and stakeholders

  • Visualize

    Clickable heat maps help you see your business and zoom in on areas of interest

  • Consolidate

    Crisp aggregates, consolidates, and joins reports so data is ready to use

  • Master Data Manager

    You can rename or discontinue products so that the reports make sense to your team

How to connect Retail Link portal data to Crisp

Connecting Retail Link to Crisp is simple and secure:

  • Confirm Access

    Log onto Walmart Retail Link to make sure you have access to the portal and the Decision Support App

  • Connect to Crisp

    Once you’ve purchased Crisp, you’ll be invited to connect your Walmart Retail Link credentials securely via the Crisp platform

  • Verify the connection

    Crisp tests the connection with Retail Link to make sure everything’s working correctly

  • Enjoy your data

    Crisp will populate the dashboards in your account with up to two years of Walmart Retail Link Data

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