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With Crisp, Mid-Day Squares’ success is anything but bite-sized.

Mid-Day Squares uses Crisp’s customized dashboards to maximize every retail opportunity.


It takes data to prove performance

Mid-Day Squares is not your average chocolate bar, packing in 6 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, added superfood ingredients, and a surprisingly low amount of sugar. It’s not your average CPG company either: the Canadian brand documents every step of the entrepreneurship journey on social media, earning them thousands of devoted fans. Their methods are working, with sales that double every year and 700 new retail locations since breaking into the U.S. market just 18 months ago. 

To keep up that momentum, Mid-Day Squares hired industry veteran Mike Scavuzzo as VP of Sales. Having worked for large and emerging CPG brands as well as data firm IRI, Mike appreciates the value of good data in demonstrating value to new retail partners. The best way to do that is to showcase performance at existing stores, which gives other retailers confidence in bringing in a new, breakout brand. But it took Mike hours combing through spreadsheets to get any insights he could use. With a lean team, he just couldn’t afford that kind of time — so he often went without.


Making the most of every opportunity

Now with Crisp, Mike’s team uses data to wow retail buyers and enter a competitive category as a challenger brand. From there, he makes sure Mid-Day Squares maximizes every retail opportunity by making sure the product ships on time to distributors, that they ship on time to stores, and that the products are selling at each location. But Mike doesn’t have time to monitor data all day, so the team uses Crisp Notifications to get alerts about any important changes. For example, they get an email if a particular distributor or retailer had a dip in distribution or velocity compared to prior weeks. From there, Mike can check his dashboards and pinpoint the problem in a matter of seconds.

Mike is also a big fan of the Voids Dashboard, which uses predictive analytics based on historical data to identify stores where products should be selling, but aren’t. If an issue is detected, he can easily investigate the root cause and then share his findings with his distributors, brokers, and category managers. And to execute a recent packaging change, he uses Crisp’s Inventory and Distribution dashboards to track the sell-down of the old product and the rollout of the new product at all of their retail locations. Ultimately, Mike says that Crisp data helps him strengthen retailer relationships, making Mid-Day Squares a challenger brand with real staying power.

They hit the sweet spot:

• Built a data-driven case to expand to new stores

• Ensured products are fully stocked at DCs and retail stores

• Spotted and corrected voids across retail locations

• Successfully managed a packaging change

Favorite Insight:

Inventory on hand by DC:

Monitors inventory levels at DCs to keep products in stock.

“Was there an inventory issue? Is it a complete void? With Crisp, I can pinpoint where those problems are within a matter of seconds.”

Mike Scavuzzo
VP of Sales

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