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Case Study

With Crisp, NotCo is milking their data for all it’s worth.

NotCo uses Crisp to turn distributor data into actionable insights for their sales teams and avoid out-of-stocks.


Fast-growing brand, slow moving data

NotCo is no stranger to data: the innovative brand’s AI software has carved out a new space in the plant-based world by mimicking the tastes and textures of animal products using plant-derived ingredients. Since launching in November 2020, NotCo’s growth has been explosive, hitting nearly 7,000 stores across the U.S. in three different categories. 

Growing at such an impressive rate requires a killer game plan — and that’s where Senior Manager of Strategy and Planning, Dan Capraun, comes in. Dan’s job is to not only look at past performance, but to project future sales growth, supply chain requirements, and portfolio development, so NotCo is ready to meet every opportunity. 

This requires Dan to be steeped in data on a daily basis, especially for key distributor and retail partners. But manually pulling hundreds of sales and inventory reports from three different retail portals was not going to support NotCo’s fast pace. Having worked with Crisp at his previous company, Dan contacted our team in his first week on the job at NotCo.


Planning for success

Dan immediately saw two important benefits of Crisp — faster analysis for himself, and self-serve dashboards for NotCo’s sales teams. Now, sales teams use Crisp daily to understand how certain SKUs or regions are performing, check if new accounts have issued repeat orders, and build compelling sales stories.

For his own use, Dan loves Crisp’s Outbound Connector for Excel, which automatically refreshes data in his frequently used Excel files to enable custom reporting and visualizations. Dan and NotCo’s operations team also use Crisp’s Inventory Dashboard daily to manage weeks of supply across distributors, which has helped them find areas of low supply and work with distributors to avoid critical out-of-stock issues.

With service levels high, Dan can look ahead to planning NotCo’s bright future. He uses Crisp in the Sales & Operational Planning process to align NotCo around a single outlook and ensure the operations can fulfill NotCo’s projected growth. Dan can also prepare for product launches: he uses SPINS data for bottom-up market analysis pre-launch, and Crisp data post-launch to evaluate product performance, planogram placement, pricing, and promotions.

Mooving results:

• Saved 4 hours/week by enabling self-serve data access for sales 

• Leveraged sales insights to pursue new opportunities

• Prevented out-of-stock across retailers, leading to higher sales

• Managed company-wide operations planning using a single source of truth

Favorite Tool:

Excel Outbound Connector:

Crisp pipes data from retailers and distributors directly into Excel to enable fast analysis and custom reporting.

“Crisp’s Inventory Dashboard has helped us circumvent out of stock issues across the network, which translates to additional sales across our distribution channels.”

Dan Capraun
Senior Manager of Strategy and Planning

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